How to Manage Yourself in an Open Bar | College Advice

OPEN BAR NIGHT!! Every time I hear that ring through my ears, I make sure I have my insurance card with me the night I go out, cause well, it’s an open fucking bar. But the thing is, you can’t be that kid who camps out by the bar and just pounds drinks one after the other. Don’t get too excited, otherwise that cute bartender that you their number from, will think your just a cheap fuck who is drinking like he can’t buy his own. Here are 5 tips to ensure yourself a safe yet still intoxicated night, because you don’t want to be the kid “who can’t handle the open bar”.

1) You have tomake it a game. Think of the bar as the home stretch, you start from one end and slowly make your way down. Talking to different people and getting numbers as you work your way down. Tip the bartender at both ends.

2) Make sure every drink is a different one, meaning different liquors. If you had a Vodka Red Bull have a Rum and Coke next, not another drink with Vodka. This is because open bars can get disgustingly crowded, you may not reach your goal in drink count, but if you mixed a lot of booze and had a fair amount, you’ll still achieve your desired state of mind.

3) Try something you never had because this is the only time where you won’t feel bad for getting a drink you don’t like, its free bitches.

4) Don’t break the seal! Open bars often only last an hour or two so you can’t waste 20 minutes on winding your way through the masses of people to relieve your urinal strains. Hold that shit.

5) Lastly, make some HUGE moves. Its an open bar, everyone is trashed, its one of a few times…. Actually who am I kidding, this will be one of MANY times where you will be allowed to make a move without feeling embarrassed or being shut down.

So guys and girls, I hope you kick ass at your next open bar party, I was at one the other weekend and it ended epically. Don’t be surprised if the drinks are diluted though! Just enjoy it, don’t complain and see if you can end up 50 miles from your place in the morning. So cheers to you and cheers to that chick who’s head is down the toilet at the open bar!

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