How to Prepare for a Date

Preparing for a date

Life would be a lot easier if it came with instruction manuals. There are events and rituals that just aren’t explained in enough detail before one has to deal with them by trial-by-fire. Dating is important to the human experience but it is one of those rituals that require repetition and experience for one to improve upon.

Although prepping for a date seems easy and simple, there are many things to consider before you treat a woman to dinner.

First, you should probably— no, you should most definitely— clean your ass! I don’t mean one of your infamous five second whore baths. You should take a legit shower; scrub behind your ears and anything else that can leak funky odors. Spend some time primping yourself because the goal is to appear that you actually care (somewhat) about this woman. Smelling like Frito’s chips and cheap beer is not the best representation of you.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but BRUSH your teeth. Wouldn’t you be turned off by a female with foul breath? So why would you think it’s ok to forgo applying a toothbrush to the ole gums? It’s not enough to depend solely on mouthwash because it doesn’t last long.Itisalsoagoodideatobring a pack of gum or mints just in case you two go out for Indian food.

Every guy has his own dress code and knows (maybe not) what works for him but it is wise to dress according to the outing. Don’t wear shorts to a swanky bar nor a suit to the beach. Use your noggin bruh, no one likes a guy caught out of the loop.

A well-executed pep talk is a great way to get mentally prepared for a date. You may look good and smell nice, but if you don’t feel that way about yourself then your efforts were for naught. Confidence is key to keeping a woman past the first date. She wants to feel wanted; not like she’s doing some loser a favor. If you tell yourself you look good, you will believe it and everything you do you will do with some swagger.

Even though men like to believe that we are natural navigators and human GPS systems, this isn’t always the case. If you are taking a girl on a date to an unfamiliar place, you should map quest it prior to going out with her. It looks really bad if you are struggling with the directions.Women typically have a propensity to get pissed off from walking around aimlessly. If you can’t find your way to a simple coffee shop, how can you find your way to her g-spot–err, I mean heart.