How to Sneak Into a Party or Festival

how-to-sneak-into-a-college-partyLet’s be honest – getting into a popping party can sometimes be a bitch, unless you’re a hot girl. Frat guys are typically douches and will only let their brothers, close friends, and girls into their parties. People throwing house parties also usually only want their friends, hot girls, or people willing to throw five bills on the keg to come to their party. Here are some tips on how to get into exclusive parties, without having to pay:

1.) At most parties, the guy at the door will put an X or some other simple shape on everyone’s hand with a Sharpie. Try to scope out the shape and COLOR of the shape on everyone’s hand. If this is not possible, but they are letting in paying customers, have one of your friends pay, take a picture of his hand, and send it to the rest of the homies. Be sure to carry around a black, blue, red, and green Sharpie when you go trolling for parties.If they are using a stamp, you can either try to copy the stamp with a Sharpie, or lick the stamp and press it against your friend’s hand. This works for bars too.
2.) Blend in with the cigarette (or weed) smoking crew. Spark up (no pun intended) some conversation with the smokers, and when they make their way back into the party, follow them and pretend you’ve been at the party the whole time. This works better if you have cigs yourself and casually smoke one as you make conversation.

3.) Some parties only charge at the keg / bar for a cup. Roll around with your own red Solo cup. If you have the correct cup in hand, no one will ask questions and you can get shwasted all night at the low price of free 99.

4.) Check the back door. Amateur party throwers don’t guard all of the doors. You are bound to find a back or side door that is at least unguarded momentarily. Take advantage of the moment and slyly sneak in. If its locked, have one of your homies in the party unlock it real quickly and let you in.

5.) Is there a list for the party? Do you know someone on the list who is not a good friend of the people throwing the party (or at least the guy at the door)? Roll up to the bouncer and tell him that you are the person who you know is on the list. Works like a charm.

6.) If you are trying to get into a frat party, and know the frat’ secret handshake (which most of the time are not secret at all), tell them that you are a brother visiting from another college and are trying to party. Whip out the secret handshake, and you’re in.

Follow these simple guidelines to get yourself into parties for free. Be confident, don’t give up, and if you really can’t get in, roll down the block and try these tips at the next party. Let us know in the comments if you have any other good tips!

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