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8 Signs That You’re Dealing With A “Wannabe Boss”

Heiresses, International student hot shots, WASPy old money snobs, and of course the JAPS, we all see them on campus, at the frats, at the bars doing their best to grab the attention of the rest of the school population. Some with no doubt are bosses, but most aren’t. The rest try their best to now be overshadowed by these individuals but the thing is, there is usually no reason to feel inferior.

Here’s how to spot the wannabes:
1. That champagne bottle that you see them swinging and passing around, yeah I know, champagne at a college party! No, if it says Andre or has a twist top, that shit sales for 5 bucks a Walmart. Do not be impressed by their ability to shell out a few more bucks for cheap sparkling wine that gives you a bad hangover.

2. Polo Sneakers, yeah… you’re trying too hard broski. The man on a horse with a stick doesn’t mean you’re a boss, it just means that you went to DSW or a Mom and Pops sneaker store and got over excited about a Polo item that cost you less than 70 dollars.

3. Wearing your letters out. With all due respect, the Greek life is something to be proud of and of course something to show off, but wearing it out? You must really have no confidence in yourself to have to stamp your letters on you when you’re at the bar. Save it for the quad or classes.

4. Bumming cigarettes. Just buy your own damn pack.

5. Trying to negotiate with the bouncer with less than $5. Give the man some respect; show up with at least $20 to a college bar if you’re that desperate to get in. For you city slicking college kids, don’t even try to negotiate with a bouncer in NYC, save yourself the embarrassment. Plus, if you were a boss, you’d have a table with your friends at top club and have no issues with getting in.

6. Those who overdress. It’s college bar bro, button down, khakis, and boat shoes are more than enough. Ladies, this usually doesn’t apply to you guys, but just tip, leave the Uggs and North Face in your room.

7. Sunglasses. SUN-glasses. Glasses for the SUN. Wear them when the sun is out.

8. Using your boss friends to make yourself look boss. Just be real, don’t latch on to your friends wallet, have some dignity. Give your boss friend all the credit for the bottles, the weed, and the girls. Have as much fun as you can but never take any credit. Otherwise, you’re just a wannabe like many other kids.

Jin Maekawa

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