“How to Strawpedo a Beer in 3 Seconds” | College Party Tricks

We’ve all heard of beer bongs, shotguns, flabongos, edward 40-hands, wizard stick, circle of death, etc, etc. One quiet little drinking delight that casually gets overlooked is “The Strawpedo.” One mightask “What the hell’s a Strawpedo?” Good question my friends. It’s the simplest way to down a full beer in 3 seconds without mainlining. Here’s how to Strawpedo a beer in 3 seconds:

1. Find a bendy straw with a flexible neck.

2. Insert into beer bottle leaving a gap between the bottom of the bottle and the straw.

3. Bend flexi-neck top over the beer neck. Make sure to not crush the flexible neck, otherwiseair can’t flow through. Hold the straw with your index finger.

4. If you’ve actually attended your science courses, you will know what happens once the bottle is flipped upside down. It’s physics.

5. Take a few breaths, empty the air from your lungs, and assume a beer bong position.

6. Make sure to open your throat because beer will come rushing out. Prepare to douche innocent bystanders if you choke.

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