How to Throw a Christmas Party | College Parties & Christmas Vacation

Christmas parties can be really fun if you know how to throw them. It is just like any other themed party. If you throw a Christmas party, people will be more inclined to bring you presents such as specialbottles of liquor or a dank bag of buds. However, a Christmas party might not be successful because its a family holiday and people tend to stick with their family during this time. In that case, if you want to go to a Christmas party or find Christmas events, you should visit can find you parties in yourareaor help you turn your party into a rager. Its absolutely amazing.Throwing a Christmas party can be very fun and it can only happen during one period of the year ( at Christmas time duh). Here are some tips to throw the best Christmas rager ever:1) Have a lot of Christmas decorations or it wont be a Christmas party.

2) Play Christmas music or recent music that came out this Christmas time. Don’t over do the Christmas music because usually people hate it if it is played too much.


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