House Parties: How To Throw Good Ones In #College

college party

Don’t you get tired of the frat parties that end a little to early or the dorm party that could have been amazing but was missing a lil something? You have been to countless house parties; some great,someabysmal.Yourpartying experience has made you knowledgeable in the art of “turn-up”. You and your friends decide to forgo the mystery of finding the next party location, and you plan to throw your own shindig. So on to the obvious question…

How Do You Throw Good College House Parties?

The first thing you do is secure a nice venue— unless you are as broke as I am,thenyou use your moderately sized apartment. Because of your time spent in study jams and tutoring sessions, you know the populous of the campus that is down foragood time. You now have the two essential things house parties are made of— adequate space and attendees. However, if that was all it took for one to have a successfully great party then you wouldn’t feel the need to throw your own.Most parties are unsuccessful not because the guy-girl ratio is skewed but because there isn’t enough booze. Buy some cheap liquor for your party guest of you want to ensure that everyone’shaving a good time. If you don’t want to be embarrassed by crappy bottles of Burnett’s, pour the contents of the cheap liquor in something more expensive and pretty looking for the nice ladies. There is also a nice party drink called Jungle Juice that you could concoct.All you need is a vat or bin largeenoughtocater

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