How to Keep Partying After University Graduation | Party Advice

partying-after-graduation-drunk-graduateEveryone says that when you graduate college, you have to enter the “real world.” I say that’s a bunch of bull shit and you can keep partying as long as you have the desire. Remember when your highschool teachers used to say that you would be in shock at the amount of work when you get to college? I do, and they were right. Going to all of the parties and drinking 6 nights (and two days) a week can be really strenuous, not to mention all of the drugs and females.

So, for all of you recent or soon-to-be college graduatesoutthere, here is a list of some tips that will help you keep the party going, long after graduation:1.) This is the most logical tip that will really keep you close to the party. Know that party school you always wished you had went to? There’s always grad school! Apply to grad school, and get there. If you’re from a cold weather school (like Syracuse), I suggest you travel South or West to a hot location with lots of blondes and pool parties.2.) Invite every family member and family friend to your graduation party. Your graduation party is your number one source for some quick and easy bankroll. Take this money, and hit up the party capitals of the world. Go to Mexico, Jamaica (if you’re down with the ganja, mon), or some crazy raves in Europe. Hell, take a cross country college tour in the fall when school starts back up. We all know that the beginning of school is one of the most poppin times of the year.

3.) Have friends that are still in college? Ask them to crash on their couch for a few days (weeks cough) so you can check out the parties at their school. This is a great (and cheap) way to go on a dope college tour. Just visit all of your friends.

4.) Find a sick work at home job that can be done from any location with a computer. Then, you can party all day and night, go on your college tour, and be getting paid at the same time.Telecommuting

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