Hurricane SANDY Survival Guides | Critical Survival Skills

Hurricane Sandy New YorkIt is about to be crazy on the east coast today and tomorrow. If the electricity goes out there will be a huge problem. Hurricane Sandy is about to take over the east coast and you must be prepared in case your electricity goes out or you must evacuate. A FiestaFrog member made sure they found a bunch of FREE survival guides ( no annoying ads) and put it in a zip download for you to download free. Just download the file and share this page so your friends can download it.

Keep these survival skills eBooks on your smartphone,downloadit on your laptop/tablet and email it to yourself. It is essential you keep this on you at all times. Anything can go down at any moment! This is not just for Hurricane Sandy. Its just good to keep on you.Survival skills are important to know. Stay safe and be smart. What are you doing to keep safe from the hurricane? 

Here is the download link: Survival Guides

Here is a link to all the survival parties” happening in your area during the hurricane.