I’M SHMACKED BUYS ELECTRIC FLURRY “Worlds Largest Foam Party” for $75,000 | @imshmacked

im shmacked buys electric flurryI’m Shmacked has purchased Electric Flurry confirming rumors that have been floating around the internet.

The college dropouts behind I’m Shmacked have spent the past year building what is arguably one of the most viral college companies to date, with annual profits hitting above seven figures it is no telling what the future holds for this young company.

Explaining the buy-out, Arya Toufanian [Founder,CEO] said, “Let’s say I have a sweet tooth for young adult space. I don’t want to give away too much.”

A story in the New York Times called I’m Shmacked, “a rare glimpse inside at least one part of that school’s social life, a college culture that obviously includes, not too surprisingly, drugs, drinking and dancing.”