How Important is an Internship?

Just finished watching “The Internship” with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson a few hours ago, and I began to get so hyped about returning home and writing this blog for my internship. Some people may tell you that working for free is a waste of time. Some may even tell you that you are being exploited by companies. However, I will tell you different.

An internship is not only very important, but a vital part of your career.

During my first semester at Temple University, my journalism professor pushed the idea of selling yourself. I had no experience in what I wanted to do and would probably end up looking for a job in my pajamas after graduation. With an internship however, the point is to work during your time at school to gain the experiences necessary to make your resume more tasteful.

I know most of you would rather enjoy your summer, rather than sit on your ass in a stuffy office and work for free.

Seriously, you are working on something you love. There should be no reason to hate working.

As a “journalist”, I get to research crazy shit online. Check this out:

There are a lot of crazy shit I would love towitness,andwrite about. Having the balls to confront extreme situations and analyzing the issue is what every journalist goes through. Passing information to the masses is what I love to do, so working knee-deep for free is no big deal.

“But you won’t make any money!”

True, but I will make money in the long run. An internship is like a taxicab, which will take you to the destination you want to go. Sure, you will have to pay a small price, but you will end up where you want to be.

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Where can I find good internships?

Two great places to find work are LinkedIn and Craigslist. So many opportunities are on those websites, with many more being posted every day. In every city, there are opportunities to find work, both paid and unpaid internship programs.

Another place is at your school. Every university has offices that will help you find jobs and internships.

There is no excuse. Stop being lazy this summer and explore your career interest first hand. The more work you have on your resume, the better the odds you will have to land a decent job after you graduate.