Inbox, the PERFECT Messaging App for College Students, or Anyone That’s Suffered Text Regret

Have you ever sent a drunk text? If you have, then Inbox is the messaging app for you. Ever been a victim of the dreaded “auto-correct fail”? Again, you’re gonna want to download “Inbox” immediately!! Remember the feeling in the pit of your stomach the next morning, not the grumbling from whichever greasy food you half-ate before falling asleep. I’m talking about the panic you experience as your memory returns, the dread of remembering that the last thing you did before you passed out was text every member of the opposite sex, the preemptive humiliation you feel that your drunken message is being looked over by a group of, now, sober eyes. Which is followed by your explaining why you asked the question  “Awake?” at 4am.

Thanks to Inbox, founded in Summer 2013 and launched at the beginning of 2014, you won’t have either of those feelings again. It’s ALL ABOUT THE MESSAGING function. The team that developed it, “believe that messaging today has lost focus. Messengers are getting heavy, bolting on feature upon feature – stickers, gifs, lunch orders, you name it – to compete with one another. But under all this noise, there is something precious about messaging that is being lost – conversation. Human-to-human. Pure and simple.

Despite a return to simplicity, Inbox does have amazing features to enjoy. You can un-send any message within the app. Seriously, at any point you can swipe away a message that you have sent someone, or one that was sent to you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture or regular text, you can erase the message with a flick of your finger.

Inbox is also useful for those times that you “aren’t texting” in class. It helps neutralize the creepy kid that lurks over your shoulder trying to read your messages, or the person you’re forced to sit next to on a bus, plane, train…whatever. You can go into privacy mode, just by shaking your phone! This blacks out the messages you’re reading, or writing, to look like you’re in black ops, finally! Seriously, all the lines of your message are blacked out. If you want to read any of them, you just hold down your finger on the line you’re trying to read. That way you can view the message and respond to it.

If you think that Inbox might be useful for you, download it and tell your friends to join you. I have, and we’re already talking about everyone behind their backs and deleting messages. Another cool feature from Inbox is that the android application blocks people from taking screenshots, for the iOS version they’ve designed a screenshot notification feature that notifies you if a screenshot has been taken AND sends you an exact copy of the screenshot that was taken. Add me on inbox (@enyc) and let me know what you think of the app!

See how Inbox works!

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