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IUP Hawkeyes parties

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Indiana, PA

IUP might stand for Indiana State University, but some people call it “I Usually Party”. Because that motto has been instilled in every freshman, thereisalwaysa party at every corner. Since the majority of students are under 21, the best place to party is at the greek houses. Be careful, you may end up lost in the rumble. The party scene at IUP is mostly divided among the 30 greek organizations on campus. There are the usual spring break and regular house parties, but there are also numerous club events that everyone seem to go on a regularbasis.IUP Basketball is very huge. Division II sports are their specialty, but they are trying their best to send their Basketball team to Division I. Intramural sports are also available on campus. Students can play sports like Bowling, Dodgeball and Soccer with utmost entertainment and health in mind.

Mascot: The “talonted” Norm the Hawk

Party Grade: B+



Girls: 52%

Greek Life at IUP:

Only 8% of the total student body belong in some kind of fraternity or sorority. According to students, for the average IUP student, daily interaction with fraternities and sororities amounts to walking by the fundraising tables around the Hadley Union Building or the Oak Grove.

Bars/Hangouts at IUP:

Most of the food in UP are only in walking distance from each other. Everything from Italian, Chinese and Mexican can be available at your disposal. Oakland Avenue has even more restaurants and bars, like Ruby Tuesdays and Romeo’s Pizza. Transportation doesn’t seem difficult if you feel like eating somewhere far, but there are enough restaurants on campus that you can use without having to spend the gas money.

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