Instagram Direct: 12 Things You NEED to Know

Instagram Direct, Instagram, Followers

Instagram Direct is a new way to share pics and talk with only a select group of your Instagram followers.

When you attempt to post a picture, you’ll see two new tabs on the top of the post: Followers and Direct.

You cannot send a message without a pic.

You can also send the pic to mutiple friends as one time.

You can also check to see who has and has not checked the message as well as chat in real time.

You can choose a specific friend and type a special message that will only go to a specific follower. Once that friend opens up the photo, their profile picture within the message gets a check mark, noting that it’s been read. Users can also like direct photo messages, and chat can ensue from there.

You can send Direct messages up to 15 people, and Instagram Direct also suggests recipients.

When you receive a photo, a little inbox icon on the top right corner of the app will send you directly to your new messages.

You can chat privately, one-on-one or with a group of your followers.

People who mutually follow one another can easily send messages back and forth.

If you don’t follow someone, and they’ve sent you a directmessage, it will show up as a pending request rather than a received message in your private inbox.

You have the option to block certain users or mark your profile as private, which means you must accept follow requests.

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