Instant Turn Offs: For Guys & Girls

1. Improper hygiene

If a girl hasn’t washed her hair in a few days or a guy has forgotten to brush his teeth the night before (and that morning) you’re not just going to ignore her greasy scalp andhis dog breath. It IS what on the inside that counts, but let’s be honest, your appearance is the first thing every single person basis a judgement about you on first.

For Guys: Make sure your hair is at least washed, and maybe even subtly styled using a cheap hair wax or gel. Try and wash your face at least twice a day, and use a moisturizer at night. Brush your teeth, and floss (I know, sounds crazy right?) because I swear it makes a difference not only to the cleanliness of your teeth, but does as much as a piece of gum does for your breath. Make sure you have a unique style and your true personality and you’ll be all set.

For Girls: Girls, basically the same thing for the guys, but maybe spend a bit more time on your hair and makeup. For the girls that don’t seem “girly”, you can still find ways to accentuate your natural beauty, without making it look like you’re trying too hard. Overall, just try to look as natural and healthy as possible. Guys love a girl who looks put together but not to the point where she’s screaming “Look at me!”


2. Lack of Self-Confidence Instant Turn Offs Lack Of self-confidence

This goes for guys and girls. If you’re talking to a person that exudes any type of self-pity or seem unsure about themselves, you’re not going to be interested. The bottom line: how can somebody feel comfortable with you if you’re not even comfortable with yourself. It’s one thing to be introverted or shy, but you need to realize that if this person likes you for who you truly are, it’s going to feel amazing. If you’re like how I used to be, your fear of rejection will consume you. But you need to face reality and realize that rejection is how we grow, and most importantly how we learn about ourselves. This is somehow turning into more of a motivational speech, but with zero confidence in yourself, you’re not going to be doing very well with the ladies. Or the men. Whatever you’re into.

3. Weak Pickup Lines

Now here is a short list of the worst pick up lines I’ve personally ever heard that actually led me away from some potential people I was initially interested in.

“Hey, I see your martini is dry. I’m pretty good at getting things wet if you’d like some assistance.”

“Hey, dude, what the hell? I saw you took it.”

“Uhm, took what exactly?”

“The second I saw you, you stole my heart”

(Now admittedly, that one was cute, but he followed up with some premature thigh grabbing and lost all chances)

“Hey, you’re hot. If you have a boyfriend, would he mind?”

To be completely honest, I think pickup lines in general should be reserved for Hitchcock classics and Steven Spielberg romantic comedies. But these pre-meditated, carefully crafted attempts to steal your heart away, 99% of the time, fall flat. The bad news: no more practicing in front of the mirror for hours anymore, guys. The good news: no more drinks getting thrown in your face.

And here’s a short list of the small things that will send me personally running in the other direction.

-Guys/girls that laugh at their own jokes too often

-Guys/Girls that think they’re better than everyone else

-Guys/Girls that correct me on everything

-Guys/Girls that seem like they’re talking about themselves more than getting to know me

-Guys/Girls that get too drunk, either too easily, too often, or both

-Guys/Girls with too many piercings or tattoos

-Guys/girls that put other people down

The point is, if you’re interested in a guy or a girl, and you want to make a good impression, just be yourself and be the best you you can be. Honestly, as long as you don’t smell bad or make it seem like you lack any confidence in yourself, I truly believe you will find somebody who will love you for you. And I can feel all the eye rolls and “Really?”s right now, but I think this in one cliche that holds its ground. So don’t be the guy with the cheesy pickup line or the girl that never washes her hair. Just be you, because I don’t even know you, but I know that there is a person inside of you that is absolutely fabulous.