Iowa Student (vodka_samm) Blows .341, Becomes American Hero, Deletes Twitter

@vodka_samm iowa university

Former Tweeter Vodka_samm had a busier weekend than most! University of Iowa student, Samantha Lynne Goudie, 22, was arrested Saturday after attempting to run onto the field before the Iowa-NorthernIllinoisgame.What’s interesting is that she managed to live tweet her arrest for public intoxication! While in jail, she blew a .341 (4x the legal driving limit…but she wasn’t driving, which is nice).

iowa university vodka_samm


Check out her tweets below!

Besides the usual #yolo tweets that drunk collegians send out, @Vodka_samm had some defensive words for her detractors (#haters if you tweet), “Ive gotten so many hate tweets because I was drunk…uh I get good grades sorry forbeing like every other college student.” After the arrest, it was back to box wine and the next party. Unfortunately, she has since deleted her account, so we wont have anymore internet gold…a sad, sad day in history. BTW Iowa lost the game.
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@vodka_samm iowa university