Is “Blackout Blonde” Going on the Fiesta Frog College Party Tour? | Partier’s Dream

Blackout BlondeIf you haven’t heard yet, the Fiesta Frog team is setting up a nationwide college party tour. The mission is to throw the biggest ragers at the best party schools and make a documentary about the lavish life of a promoter. Fiesta Frog is now fundraising to make sure this trip goes down. This is not just some ordinary fundraiser. You will get something depending on the amount you donate. Someone who donates can receive anything from raffle eligibility or tour tickets to ending up on the documentary footage and getting “blacked out” with the team. By the way, we are forwarding the footage to MTV and VH1, so this is your chance to become a star.The event is going to be CRAZY, so donate here to get your tickets and other crazy stuff. Donating also gets you votes for the team to come to your school. So the more you donate, the better of a chance that they will come to your school. A total of 25 schools will be visited. The top 10 will be visited for sure. Here is the link of the “definite schools“.

Blackout Blonde and is debating whether she should goor not? Listen to what she has to say in the video. She explains the whole thing!