James Franco’s Attempt at Scoring Some 17 Year Old Strange via Instagram

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James Franco Thirsty

James Franco might have learned the hard way that everything you say on the internet, stays on the internet. I’m not exactly sure what the story is because I’m not some douchebag TMZ esque blogger. However, I did come across some pretty cringey screenshots of a conversation Franco had with a 17 year old Scottish girl named Lucy. I’m not gonna lie, the whole exchange reeks of desperate old man, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

I know it’s 2014, but I still feel the need to remind some folks that they need to click the image to enlarge it.








As a fan of Franco, let’s just chalk this one up as a whoops-a-daisy. Regardless, why don’t you just have a seat right over here, James.

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