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James Madison University

Harrisburg, VA

Before the Penn State Paterno riots, or the cancellation of Rutgersfest, there were the “JMU Springfest riots” in 2010. 95% of the media portrayed the events in a negative light, describing the “horrors” and “embarrassment” of the riots, but the only review that really mattered came from Playboy where they stated, “James Madison University is no longer rated in our annual top ten party school list because we feel that it is unfair to include professionals in a list full of amateurs.” JMU, more than anything else, is known for their house party scene, particularly their block parties. For the most part, everyone is really friendly and house parties are open to mostly anyone; no such thing as meeting “ratio” for a guy to get into a party here – Fuck you, Rutgers. This place is a good looking guy’s dreamland; with 65% of the campus being females and at least 90%…I’m guessing…of them being good looking southern belles, you’ll never go hungry. JMU’s sports teams are D-1AA and not particularly good in anything. JMU’s Men’s Basketball team did win the CAA championship, which isn’t the “March Madness” NCAA tournament, but points for effort…

Mascot: Duke Dog

Party Grade: A-

Undergrads: 19, 927

Guys: 35%

Girls: 65%

Greek Life at JMU: Yes – Intensity of southern Greek Life tradition, but doesn’t necessarily run the show like Penn State or Alabama.

Bars/Hangouts at JMU:

Calhoun’s Restaurant and Brewing

Dave’s Taverna


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