Jimmy McMillan (Rent is Too Damn High Party) Endorses Fiesta Frog | Celebrities That Party

Jimmy McMillan Fiesta FrogIt is a very rare occurrence that you see celebrities at the local chinese food spot . It is also rare that see a person like Jimmy McMillan. Jimmy represents the “Rent is too Damn High” political partyand proudly stands behind it’s cause. He ran in the NY governor election in 2010 and he has been trying to bring the rent down in NYC down for years. He is also running for president in the 2012 election. If you haven’t heard much about him, you can find out more info about him on wikipedia or on his website. Heisone of the coolest and funniest people you will find around. We proudly stand behind Jimmy and you should also. Watch the video below to see what he says about partying: