JKL: Finally Bro clothes everyone can get behind!

JKL clothing, just keep living, matthew McConaughey

A clothing line from a man who is essentially famous for being shirtless might not be something you would expect but that’s exactly what Matthew McConaughey is about to bless us with.  In an interview with the LA times today he discusses personal style and what the line will be inspired by.  The line is called JKL.  It shares a name with his Beverly Hills based Just Keep Livin Foundation, created in 2008 as a tribute to his late father.  He says about the line:

“It’s lifestyle gear, everything from T-shirts that I author quotes and images for, to sportswear that is somewhat technical [performance fabrics]. We are going to be laying out more “Saturday wear,” so to speak…It’s what you’re most comfortable in, period. Flip-flops that I would rather wear than be barefoot, baggy cargo shorts with enough pockets because I carry things with me, loose-fitting shirts.”

Well, if that doesn’t sound like the uniform to Beer Pong, I don’t know what does!  If you felt like your style game was slacking the pretty-boy-of-all-things-cool just summoned you to be comfortable.  It doesn’t look like he made any silky pajama pants with emoticons so you may have to ditch those but your cargo pants can stay.  I suggest updating with something from his line which is also an ode to his father.  It doesn’t get more bro or sexy than that.

Ps-I think it’s worth noting that Mr. “Magic Mike” McConaughey also has abs to die for so you might want to work on yours.   Remember it’s you that matters in the words of MM:

I think people forget that your skin tone is the first color in your wardrobe; it’s your background and your primary color”

Tan on bro!

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