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A Fluffer: Pending on what you’re into, this could quite possibly be the worst job ever. For those of you who have no clue what a Fluffer is, then please allow me to fill you in. A Fluffer’s main dutyisquite simple; prior to scenes requiring erections, it is the Fluffer’s job to keep male “performers” on porn sets sexually aroused. How you go about completing the task at hand is up to. Just remember, your job is only to fluff. The cum shots are for the other performer(s) only… rookie.


A Sewer Worker: Feel free to call me old-fashioned, but Iplanon avoiding any job that would require me to climb in and out of something called a “manhole”. And lets not forget, the work environment that a sewer worker has to endure would make most people want to quit on the spot. I know that sounds harsh, but the presence of human feces, sewer rats, rotten garbage, and the potentiality of discovering a dead body; well, that just sounds awful to me.  

carnyA Carny: We get it, blowing dudes and playing in poop just wasn’t your thing. However, maybe ripping off kids and operating carnival rides is? As great as all of that may sound, I just don’t think that you’re cut out for the rock star lifestyle of being a carny… yet. First things first, we’ve gotta work on that image of yours.

Step1: Discontinue brushing teeth.
Step2: Develop a drinking problem.
Step3: Begin experimenting with heavy drugs.
Step4: Seek future subordinates (have children)
Step5: Get hired.

An Animal Waste Remover: I’m not sure who has it worse, the dude holding the piss bucket, or the dude catching elephant shit. Regardless, there happens to be three key factors that one must posses in order to fulfill their “duties” as an animal waste remover.Teamwork, speed, and a very low self esteem…


Keith Morgan



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