Balancing Your Love Life | Juggling Your Chick and Your Bic [Pen]

By now, you should be fully aware that a successful life involves dedication and stability. As a college student, what you give in a classroom is what you get out from it. Unfortunately for some, putting in 18-hours in your personal relationship with your significant other doesn’t afford you that hard-earned A!

Think about it, wouldn’t you rather have that comfortable career in a nice office?
How about getting that nice internship in London, working as a photographer for a swanky magazine?

If the answer is yes, then society would probably advise you to drop the extra weight that is anchoring your climb on the corporate ladder. Chances are, your girl has become the most important thing in your life, and school becomes a distant second. However, after so much time invested in that long relationship, there is nothing anyone can say that can separate a love bond.

How to keep both priorities and still become a success:

1. Organize your life.

Without organization, your life becomes a mess. No one can set their priorities if they are jumbled like a puzzle. Sometimes, a planner can save you from further headaches.

2. Get your significant other involved in your work.

If your career path involves art, maybe you can use your loved one as a model.

3. Build Teamwork

Your relationship should not hinder you from your studies. Both of you should brainstorm and find time to be with each other.

4. Make up the time that you will miss with your love a few days earlier.

When I know that an important deadline is coming up, I will set up a date with my fiancé a few days in advance. As long as you show initiative, your significant other will have to appreciate it.

As a photojournalism student, I took the chance to further my career by working crazy hours at internships and still be able to look at my fiancé in the eye every morning. However, it took a long time to have a relationship that can handle such workloads. It can be accomplished, but it just takes time and patience to talk and come up with solutions that can benefit the both of you.