Just Drink: Unconventional Drinking Games Volume 3

Drinking games are the college equivalent of your mom’s book club. Yeah, some people who show up are going to be really into the book/game, but for the most part people just want an excuse to get togetherwithfriends,havea few drinks, and talk. Some of the most fun drinking games have very few rules; let’s be honest, you’ll probably forget half the rules two drinks into it. To simplify things, we’re presenting you with one of the most easy drinking games you’ll ever come across; it’s called Just Drink.

Similar to Unconventional Drinking Games Volumes 1 & 2, grab the people you considertobe friends, a bit of alcohol (beers a good start), and the will to embarrass everyone you know all at once. Now, it’s time to tango.
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Materials needed for Just Drink:

1) A copy of any dancing game, this is centered around Just Dance, however Dance Dance Revolution, or any Kinect dancing game works, if it involves you making yourself look like a fool in front of people, it will work.

2) A console for said game; unless you have a dance dance revolution machine in your house in which case, you will probably excel at this game and lose so many friends

3) Alcohol of your choice, however for this one, the heavier stuff is so much better than the lighter fare.

4) A video camera, because trust me you will want to get every second of this on video.

5) A will to live.

Rules of Just Drink

(This game is made for shots, if using beer, drink a whole beer, if wine, a whole g

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