Kanye West Comes Out with His Own Digital Money| #Coinye #COYE

Buy Coinye

Kanye West has really done it this time! Apparently, he is trying to create his own digital currency much like the very lucrative Bitcoin, LiteCoin and DogeCoin cryto-currencies.

An internet website called BuyCoinye.com has been taking reservations of the new digital currency because of the significant spike that digital currencies experience once they are accepted into digital crypto-currency exchanges. In other words, if you reserve your Coinye coins now and you hold on to them, they will be worth up to 300% more when they get accepted to these exchanges. Apparently, thousands of people that were once broke nerds are now millionaires because of these digital currencies.

If I were you, I suggest going over to BuyCoinye.com and signing up for a free reservation so you can get your hands on some Coinye Coins. I’m sure he is going to talk about it on his next hit driving the price up another 10,000%. The digital currency drops on January 11th, so set your reservation now to get your hands on some digital gold.