Kanye West: Yeezus | Album Review

After much anticipation over Kanye West’s “Yeezus” album and his baby with Kim Kardashian; his latest foray into the world of music and his baby are both here! Everyone’s favorite, self-proclaimed”god”dropped the most experimental album of an increasingly eclectic career path. The album, much like Kanye’s relationship with Kim, begins weakly and leaves the listener to believe that he has lost his mind. The second track of the album forces you to accept, that maybe there is no reason to deny the “new leaf” that Kanye turns over. The next few tracks of the album seem to follow thesamepath of excitement, with dashes of welcome nuances with tracks such as, “I Am A God”, “New Slaves” (a slam on corporations and their corruption) and “Hold My Liquor”, (which feels like a weekend in Vegas where maybe someone had a little too much Yeezus juice and decided to cheat on his girl/ new image and go back to something familiar) up until the track “Blood On The Leaves” which mirrors the moment of elation we received from the whole Kanye West versus the paparazzi “incident”.

That moment when “being a celebrity” and “being a human” meet is a magical event and nothing describes it better than this, it feels as though some sort of facade has been dismantled to reveal the real person who has been there the whole time. This leaves much to live up to, the album save for Bound 2, falls short. It’s the kind of situation where you’ve already touched your girlfriend’s boobs, so why would you go back to just holding hands? Bound 2 (the last track), on the other hand, feels like walking in on your friend’s really attractive mom as she showers. It’s a brief view of something new that feels awkward yet comfortable. That being said, the album will certainly have an impact on the world of hip hop. At least we only have to deal with the antics of the album for a few years, the idea of a dual-disc hip-hop album as well as naughty DVD from Kanye would be a much scarier thought!