Is Kazi Ali the “Van Wilder” of New York City?

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Even though this comparison holds valid, he is Van Wilder with a promising future in the business.

Kazi Ali is a 19-year-old college student, attending Pace University as an accounting major whohashosted multiple events with over thousands of participants and is the definition of what can be called a “business man” in the promotion realm. Kazi began like most college students; Kazi wanted a way to keep some money in his pockets, aside from his job at Chase. He eventually came across promoting and was easily able to reel in a very large audience before he decided to start his ownbusinessin parties. He was able to accurately calculate the economics, the value and profitability of throwing a party. So what made Kazi, what made you want to throw your first party?He said:“I threw my first party at 18 years old. My first party was almost a shot in the dark—I used up half of what I saved to end up risking it all on one night. Because I believe that the investment was well worth the reward, I took the chance. My risk spawned a success when over 500 people attending and from there on—expansion was key.”

We asked him how he decided to bring this party life style into a business

Parties are very tricky because of the extraneous factors. I have to account for the weather, transportation, location, prices, competition, and lastly, the designated date. Despite these fickle factors, I marketed the party towards supplying what the people demanded and fortunately, I can say it panned out well. I also realized that when you run into some money, you have to re-invest the money to make more money”

Kazi’s events have received so much attention that it caught the eyes of multiple huge promotion groups. He eventually took the active role of setting up multiple big events in New York City. Kazi was also recognized by Disney Channel Actor Jake T Austin also acknowledged him for his well-known parties. As a result, the two partnered up and began mutually hosting events in New York City, catered to their thousands of participants. His notorious parties have also ended up on the newspaper and also mentioned on the hit radio station Hot 97.

Kazi Says

“I was unbelievably surprised to be recognized by a Hollywood Actor—it was surreal. However, it’s been nothing but an honor because Jake has truly helped launch my events to another level—distinguishing me from the typical even planners and promoters in New York City. In the end, it became another reason for people to attend! And being mentioned on the radio on such a broad level was an honor”

Currently, Kazi is learning how to structure a business from Yousef Khraibut, the owner of Brotips, and a business partner of Mark Cuban. Kazi has learned how to invest his money in many other things besides shows and concerts. Kazi is now working on his new venture, “Electric Rush” where he can blend two different scenes of music into one event and making it affordable to college students.

Kazi Says:

“After I saw A$AP Rocky and Skrillex collaborated and Kendrick Llamar tour with Steve Aoki, I had an epiphany—I wanted to be the one to join two totally separate crowds into one through creation of a unique vibe. There is also an unlimited supply of college students that want to enjoy their time in college.”

His ideal vision is to have something similar to Coachella but affordable in the east coast but he knows this will not be an easy task by any means but he has all the right pieces in

place to expand nationwide. The most impressive thing about Kazi is that he is leading this lifestyle while on a full scholarship and maintaining a 3.9 GPA.

Kazi gave his last words to young college students:

“If you have something good going for yourself pursue it. No matter how far fetched it seems. And if you run into some money doing so, don’t spend all of it. I know it’s hard being so young with money but be smart and re-invest all your money into it, working hard is the key.”

“Special shoutouts to Zeyad Attia, Asad Mannan, Dominque Byrd, Kyle Kingzly, Akram Islam for helping me get to where I am today.”

Kazi will continue attending Pace and pursuing his degree while simultaneously expanding his business. Don’t be too surprised if one of his shows in your area!



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