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Kenyon college top party schools

Kenyon College

Gambier, OH

Many people believe that Kenyon College is a Midwestern school. Wrong answer. Students are from all over the country, just because Kenyon is located in Ohio doesn’t meanthatthisis a strictly “Midwestern” school. The culture of the school is laidback, but there are many different subcultures within the school. Students at Kenyon end up with a large group of friends with many points of view. Nighlife mostly consists of parties thrown by the few fraternities. Some might even accuse the Greeks of “dominating” the party scene. Surprising, is the lack of sororities on the campus considering that females outnumber males here; however, Kenyon was an all-male college until the late 1960’s. The sports teams are Division III, so it’s not likely you’ll be catching their games on ESPN.

<pstyle=”text-align: center”>Mascot: Lords / Ladies

Party Grade: B-

Undergrads: 1,640

Guys: 46%

Girls: 54%

Greek Life at Kenyon:Yes, there are only 12 Greek organizations.

Bars/Hangouts at Kenyon:

Flapper’s Bar & Grille

The Village Inn

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