Kony Story is Bullshit and “War Ended in 2006” | Social Media Tricks the Youth

Joseph Kony

Looks like the Joseph KONY story/ propaganda campaign has some false information in it and actually caused outrage in Uganda. Its crazy how everyone hopped on this activism bandwagon without doing their own research. Joseph Kony is a murderer but some also believe he is a freedom fighter against a corrupt government. It seems there are two sides to every story (watch Kony interview down below). It shows how much we will believe anything on youtube and that we are sheep to the television. There are deeper and bigger problems in the world ,but this marketing campaign with wronginformationhas caused a stir in US colleges. Over 17 million people have watched this video outside of Uganda but how many people in Uganda have viewed this? Almost none! Because they need internet and we are living it up in the United States! We need to help Uganda in other ways rather than talking about videos and not doing anything else. As matter of fact, scratch that, we need to handle our own business in our own country before we start helping others.

It is amazing how people believe whatever they watch on youtube without doing research. Maybe this KONY story was another marketing campaign to get United States citizens to support the sending of troops to another country. By the way, Uganda and other countries in Africa is rich in oil. HMMM?! Or maybe this Kony capaign was an experiement to see how social media influences the thoughts and behavior of the young mind. Open your eyes , see what is going on and stop being sheeple! SMH! Here is the video! Watch it and tell people about this.

By the way, I have done my research, so “Like” this post and “Share” it. We have to undo the damage we have already done. Also here is another source of information. Read up : http://www.prisonplanet.com/kony-2012-psy-op-collapsing.html