Krewella Fans Get Wet for Halloween at Pier of Fear

RPM Krewella

The crowd and Pier 94 staff were fully decked out in Halloween gear, performers were on stilts, winged beauties, and people wearing outfits that would usually be reserved for a carnival in Vegas made up the large crowd that turned up to “Get Wet” with Krewella and friends for RPM’s Pier of Fear Halloween celebration. Cash Cash started up the night playing a set to get the crowd going, which mostly consisted of Progressive House music. Next up was Seven Lions with their mix of dubstep, trance, and progstep.

Gareth Emery, served as the real opener for Krewella. His set certainly impressed, as he normally does, but the performers he brought out almost stole the show. It was, literally–I hate saying that, but it’s true–mesmerizing. Krewella delivered a wildly energetic set coupled with their visually stunning volcano set-up to enhance the show.



Early in the performance, I believe it had more to do with the venue, there were a few sound quality issues. Despite this Krewella belted out their hit songs, and played to the fans with their earlier tracks, before moving into cuts from their new album “Get Wet”. Their performance seemed to make evertyhing “click”, you could tell that they would enjoy performing in front a big crowd or a small group of fans.


Photos C/O: RPM