Laidback Luke’s Super You & Me at Governor’s Island | Review

Concert Girls

Are there any people that didn’t dream about being a superhero as a kid? If there are, I’m not one of them; I decided that for Laidback Luke’s Super You & Me party at Governor’s Island, I would go as my favorite superhero…Batman. I got on the ferry and was joined by a HUGE group of fans dressed as heroes — and a few super villains. We made it in time to witness D.O.D as he began his first performance in New York City. Although I wasn’t really familiar with his work, you could clearly see that a large portion of the crowd had turned out to see his set. At one point, he played “Flashing Lights” his collaboration with Laidback Luke which i recognized. Of course, I noticed when he broke out “More Cowbell“, his anthem.

Mighty Mouse Girls

Next up, Dutch duo Chocolate Puma took over the decks–and command of the crowd–before Tchami made his way to the stage. He opened his set with his remix of bootleg “Gangsta’s Paradise”, which surprised the hell out of me by how good it was. He continued to wow the crowd with the remainder of his set. Anyone in attendance could see that he is the real deal!

Laidback Luke

Before Laidback Luke took to the stage, Dyro whipped the crowd into a frenzy! You would think that they’d be tired after being on their feet during the excitement of the previous sets, however the fans kept on dancing as Batman kept the party going into the night. Finally, the man of the hour, Laidback Luke, came out dressed as a Super Saiyan Goku character. I doubt anyone was disappointed with his performance, he played a total of 59 different tracks during the final set of the night. It was an awesome experience to see each of these DJs live, and anyone with the opportunity should!

SY&M Crowd

Photos via [Pearcy Proper/Made Events]