Nerd Life | Lamest People on Campus

I’m not particularly a hateful or spiteful person, and would consider myself to be one of the more accepting people out there. However, there is one group of people who who inspire an, almost shameful,amount of hate within me. There is one group of people who I feel that the world could do without. They go by many different names, Public Safety, Campus PD, or campus security. But whatever their name is, these glorified Rent-A-Cops share one thing in common: There sole purpose is to act as the bane of every college party goers existence. They’re the ever-present stone in your shoe,thedog shit on your lawn, the roommate that does loudly…the remote that you can never find when you need it most. (I’m done, I swear.)

They exist to do one thing, and one thing alone; attempt to ruin, most, fun on campus! Here are a few pieces of information you need to realize about these wannabee cops.

They care less about ensuring your safety, and more about cracking the whip. My college experience took place in a suburban commuter town for Wall Street executives… so you could imagine how necessary the Public Safety Department was at my school. I can agree that every campus needs some type of security presence to maintain some semblance of order, but I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of their activity consisted of hunting down stoners, a few underage drinkers, and and writing them tickets. At a certain point I began to think that would rather see my tuition dollars spent elsewhere. For, as long as they generate revenue for the administration, through writing kids up, they aren’t going anywhere.The longer they stay, the bigger the pricks they become. I remember back to my college days when I had to deal with them. There’s one officer who sticks out in my mind, mainly because on first impression, he was a perfectly reasonable person. He was just out of college and actually seemed like a nice person. My friends and I even came close to playing him in beer pong, after he bragged to us that he was the best from his fraternity. He seemed more preoccupied in making sure that noone ended up dead than finding drunk people to ticket (Which seems like it . But as time passed he just became like the rest of them. I guess this is due to my next point.
Their job sucks, most days. I’ve tried nit to spare them an ounce of sympathy, but at a certain point you have to acknowledge that their job is shit. It consists of babysitting a bunch of over-privileged drunk kids.

I can appreciate that their pay that is nothing to brag about and their hours are equally shit. Its not hard to imagine that at a certain point in your job you stop trying, and start being a dick. Its a thankless job really. Their job is to protect us from ourselves and deal with all the hate that comes along with serving that function. It really is not their fault, its the whole systems fault really. But it still doesn’t make me hate these people any less. It’s just something to keep in mind the next time they bust up your party or write you a parking ticket. Let me know what your worst experience with Public Safety was like in the comments section!

Party hard! Cheers,