Le Bain NYC | The Jacuzzi Night Club in New York City

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Le Bain is one of the best NYC clubs. You know the part in the “levels”- Avicii music video where the guy is pushing the rock up the mountain effortlessly? Thats how it feels to be in there, especially when you are on the baller rooftop or in the huge dance floor Jacuzzi. LeBain is very selective of who they let in, but if you get in, you will have a superb time.Itis located on 858 Washington Street ( the standard hotel)This great New York city club is made up of two parts. Its biggest attraction is the rooftop bar that overlooks the west side highway and the dance floor that has a huge in floor Jacuzzi. Honestly, I have fun every time I go there. There is no cover, however, the drinks are expensive. The drinks are very strong, but will cost you at least $15 for something like a vodka and cranberry.My advice to get into Lebain , is to know who is performing that night AND to come with 2 girls for every guy or hit up PartyHop. Come dressed to impress . If you plan on going in on the Jacuzzi, plan on stripping down to your underwear or buying an expensive swim outfit from the vending machine. Personally, I strip down because IDGAF. LeBain is definitely a club that you should roll in. You will have the best time of your life and fiend to come the next day!

….and yes…it is open during the winter!!levels - Avicii