Lebron CelebrityCryFace | 2012 Eastern Conference Finals

CRYING-lebron-jamesLebron James had an epic had an epic CelebrityCryFace right after his team, the Miami Heat, secured the 2012 NBA Eastern Conference championship. During the post game interviews and trophy presentation, Lebron was shocked that ESPN interviewer Doris Burke did not give him a chance on the mic. Doris interviewed the owner, the coach, Dwayne Wade, and even Chris Bosh! But, she completely snubbed Lebron, and did not give him a chance to speak! Then, Lebron made the sad face above (with the hat on). There is another Lebron cry face to the right with the hairline hider on.

You can watch a video of the post game, on court interview below after the Heat sealed up the East. Lebron makes the sad face shortly after the clip ends. It is the best, and most complete clip of the sequence we could find on YouTube. However, it does cut out right before Lebron makes the face. (Fortunately, I had rewound and paused the DVR back when this happened in 2012 to take a picture – it was too funny).



And, just because I could not pass it up, I leave you with a Chris Bosh meme:


chris bosh meme 65 million years