Leonardo DiCaprio Borrowed a Superyacht to Party at the World Cup in Brazil

Leonardo DiCaprio borrowed a superyacht, and threw a party with 20 of his friends to celebrate the start of the World Cup in Brazil. The yacht is the 5th largest in the world, it’s 482ft and called the Topaz, which makes it basically a mansion that you can take on the water. The topaz is worth over $400 million and owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the owner or Manchester City and current Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. 

So what does a $400 million yacht include? How about a deck top jacuzzi, a swimming pool, fitness hall, cinema and large conference room; the yacht also has two helicopter landing pads.

Topaz Leo

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It’s not the first time that DiCaprio’s borrowed the superyacht to throw a party, “In April this year, Leo teamed up with Jamie Foxx and Orlando Bloom to host an 80s themed party on the Topaz in New York.” As usual with DiCaprio partying, it was kept a secret. The Daily News reports that “the 100 guests and over 80 crew members were ‘sworn to secrecy’ before the party started.”

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