Lightweight Drinker?: Five Tips For A Night Out

The Fourth Of July is tommorow! With that said, there’s going to be A LOT of drinking going on around the country. Unfortunately, becoming utterly smashed whilst swimming in vomit after just a few shots(notethe lack of quotes) is a quintessential problem for the lightweight drinker, but do not fear, there are tips you can follow to avoid ruining you and your friends’ 4th of July!

(OR most weekends.)


1. Eat something hearty before.

lightweight drinker

Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, lightweight or not, but this tip is especially important for those who have a hard time taking more than threeshotsa night. Heavier foods like burritos, subway sandwiches, and pastas are a good option before drinking because it helps absorb the impact alcohol might have on your body. I personally prefer Mexican food because often times it takes a long time for me to digest it.

 2. Drink Water.

lightweight drinker

If you’re feeling your own heartbeat pulse in your temples and your ears getting warm, this might be a sign that you need to drink water ASAP. Drinking water can help cool you off while also suppressing the urge to throw up. Water will not always successfully keep what you just ate down, but it’s a good deflector and personally it has helped me many times whenever I felt the urge to barf in front of company.


3. Choose your drinks wisely.

Different drinks can have different effects. For instance, a glass of wine while only about 12% alcohol might incite one of the worst next-day hangovers of your life as opposed to shots of straight vodka. If you’re really sensitive, even different beers can have different effects as well. It might take some trial and error episodes to figure out which drinks are best for you, but once you figure it out it out your nights will be much more enjoyable. Just some extra advice: for people who find the taste of alcohol absolutely unbearable, try mixing cranberry juice with wine or flavored vodka.4. Pace yourself!

lightweight drinker

This is a tip that’s also particularly important for the lightweight drinker. If the only thing available is hard alcohol which your body doesn’t respond to well, just pace yourself and things might turn out okay. One shot ever hour or two should bee enough, and once you reach the point of walking funny and feeling warm, you should have some water and take a longer break before you reach for your next drink.

5. Do you turn red?

And lastly, for those who are lightweight or just turn red, take heartburn medication with plenty of water at least 30 minutes before you start drinking. I personally found that Pepcid extra strength works best for me and completely solves the redness problem, and akin to that I’ve realized that it helps with keeping the alcohol where it belongs, meaning in my stomach and not on the dance floor.