Locked in a Basement for $10 Million Dollars | How Would You Survive?

The following post is an interactive survival game that’s being passed along the interwebz. (In your best Saw impression) Do you wanna play a game? If so, here are the rules. BTW, I didn’t make this game up, but I did play along (see my scenario below).

You are being forced to spend the next 10 years of your life in a basement. After those 10 years, you will receive $10 mil. Your basement comes fully furnished with a good bed, sink, a toilet, a shower and a trash chute. You are also being given a bonus 30 points to spend on items/amenities that you can take with you to your basement. BONUS BONUS: If you half your $10 mil payout to $5 mil, you will receive 35 points to spend. If you reduce your payout to zero, you receive 40 points.

How would you survive? Let us know in the comments below.

What I would do:


01.) Cut my losses ( 35 points remain)

First things first, those 5 extra bonus points are crucial, and I’m more than willing to settle for 5 million dollars.


02.) Full Kitchen (29 points remain).

Let’s be honest, 10 years of eating fast food and/or frozen dinners would probably end up killing you. Even if you managed to somehow survive off of a diet that consisted of horse meat and frozen patties, the slew of health problems heading your way wouldn’t be worth any amount of money. Also, having the ability to ferment your own booze will save you 5 points on alcohol.


03.) 52″ TV with all cable channels and premium packaging (22 points remain).

As you can see, I chose a TV in lieu of a “thirsty” 18 year old girl. Granted, getting sex on the reg wouldn’t suck. However, spending 18 points on it just doesn’t seem like a logical decision. Besides, I’ve gone 10 years without having sex before, I’m pretty sure I can do it again.


04.) Skylight (20 points remain).

Other than food, sunlight is probably the second most important means of survival. I seriously couldn’t imagine how depressing going 10 years without ever seeing daylight would be. To anyone who’s ever been locked in a sex dungeon, you have gained my respect.


05.) Video Games (16 points remain).

The athlete in me tells me to go with a gym, but the athlete in me hasn’t been relevant since high school. With that being said, I’m going to spend most of my time masturbating and playing video games. Besides, if I feel the need to get in shape, I’ll just go with the prison workout routine; pushups, pullups, and crunches. I know I’m forgetting about that one prison exercise where you have to fight off shower rapes, but I’ll just substituent that with shadow boxing or something.


06.) Library (12 points remain).

My IQ is already fucked, so me going 10 years without reading a book would be detrimental. Besides, history proves that idiots have an amazing ability to blow through all of their money… just look at MC Hammer.


07.) HD Camera (9 points remain).

You’re probably wondering what the hell I would do with an HD Camera. Well, documenting 10 years of isolation sounds like a documentary that is destined to go viral. Besides, you need to have some sort of communication in order to survive. Even if you’re communicating with an inanimate object, at least you’re able to communicate with something. We’ve all seen Castaway, and it’s safe to say that Tom Hanks’ character would have never survived without the help from his old pal, “Wilson”.


08.) A cell phone that can only be activated once a week (6 points remain).

Communication is one of the most important aspects of staying sane. I know I’ll have my fancy HD camera to talk to, but real human contact would make matters a lot less worse. Besides, it would be nice to still have some friends after 10 years of living in a basement.


09.) Hygiene Products (3 points remain).

Even though I won’t have anyone to impress, I’m still not trying to spend 10 years of my life smelling like a taint. Hygiene products are a solid purchase if you ask me.


10.) Medical Care (1 point remains)

At some point, I’m going to end up getting sick from all of the prison swish (homemade booze) that I’ll be consuming. Therefore, having a doctor who was able to make basement calls will be crucial in my survival.


11.) Pool Table (0 points remain).

Playing pool by yourself doesn’t sound like it would be that amusing. But, by the time your 10 years were up, you would be a regular old pool shark. Besides, what else are you going to spend 1 point on? A gun with 3 bullets? Sounds awfully suicidey to me.

How Would You Survive?