Long Boarder Skates 150 miles a Day | Sasha Hopper

Sasha Popper
Sasha Popper Fiesta Frogaka the Mad Russian skated 150 miles a day for 12 days from Brooklyn, NY to Texas. This is an insane feat because some people won’t even bike or drive that far. We met “the Mad Russian”ata bar called ” Gallery bar”. He was there with his best friend, his long board. When we asked him how far he traveled to get to the party, he replied ” 30 miles man”. It seemed like nothing to him. We asked him how he does it, but all he replied was “either you keep going or you die”.

Sasha isahuge partier! He smokes and drinks on his long board daily but stays in shape by skating all the time. Sasha is a true “partier athlete”, similar to a student athlete but with the additional drinking and smoking.Sasha plans on traveling from Brooklyn to San Diego in 5 days. Comment on this post and wish Sasha good luck. He will need it because he is traveling 2807 miles!
By the way , he is using Fiesta Frog to find the parties along his way. See, it actually does work!!