Long Distance Dating: How to make it work in college | #Dating

My roommates were both in long distance relationships, and let me say right off the bat they suck. They suck for the guys, they suck for the girls, and they suck for

everyone who has to be around thesepenpalswithbenefits. I’ve witnessed firsthand what they look like and let me tell you, they are not for the faint of heart, or emotionally immature. So despite never

being in a long distance relationship, I’ve dealt with enough of their drama to consider myself an expert on the subject. As if this is a subject anyone would aspire to be an expert on. Sigh- Here wegoRole Play E-Card<h1style=”text-align: center”> Long Distance Dating: How to make it work in college

Tip# 1: DON’T DO IT

Before I start going into what you have to do to make this work I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t even bother with them. So you have a high school sweetheart you’ve been dating for a while, she’s probably the most beautiful girl you can imagine and the love of your life and your best friend, yeah yeah yeah that’s great. You’re about to be surrounded by drunk girls/guys with limited inhibitions for 4 whole years. Do you really expect the strength of you’re relationship tolast that long? Not to mention that the drama that you will eventually cause will make everyone around you miserable. Trust me I know first hand how annoying it is to listen to your roommate fight with his girlfriend over the phone when allyou’re trying to do is get to sleep. If you don’t want to end up like Ronnie and Sammy from the Jersey Shore, than you might want to reconsider a long distance relationship.

<strong>Tip #2 Make your expectations more realistic and set ground rules

If you’re still reading this then you both better have enough invested in this thing to justify what you’re about to put yourself through. Now, long distance relationships are hard enough, but college is an entirely different animal. If you manage to make it through college completely faithful to your long distance partner, well you obviously didn’t get out much. Joking aside, if you both agree that you have enough invested in the relationship to warrant this madness, you need to accept some things. You’re partner is going to act differently around the opposite sex without you around. You need to accept and get over this if you want to make this work. Flirting will happen, deal with it. Do you honestly expect your partner to not dance with someone the whole time they’re at school. What do you think they do at parties, Stand around like an awkward idiot? You’re partner might even get somewhat intimate with someone. I hate to break it to you, but it happens… deal with it. If you mean enough to each other you need to establish realistic ground rules with your partner as to what is off limits. But at te same time don’t be u

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