Man Arrested for Feeding Baby and Mother Marijuana Cake

weed cakeEmmanuel Ekaette, 23, of the southern suburbs of Chicago, is being held on $50,000 bond after feeding a baby and its mother chocolate cake that was laced with marijuana. Ekaette was charged with “aggravated battery, endangering the health of a child and possession of cannabis,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

The man offered the cake to the mother and child when they visited  his house. The mother repeatedly asked Ekaette what the leaves in the cake were, but he insisted  that they were just spices. Little did the  mother know, but her child’s and her lives were about to be spiced up. The pot cake sent the mother  into a panic attack, which lander her and her baby in the emergency room.

Ekaette eventually handed the baked goods over to police and admitted he knew that there  was marijuana in them. One things for sure, Emmanue Enaette will not be baking any time soon.


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