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Marshall university party school

Marshall University
Huntington, WV

As a party school, Marshall has an all-around scene – It is 100 of the 100th Top Party Schools in 2012-2013. Most parties on campus comes from the Greek organizations.Accordingtonumerous sources, Marshall has a lot of clubs are bars close to campus. Everything seems like a walking distance from the university. Most students find the clubs very entertaining, while others look at them as mundane every weekend. Marshall University has one of the country’s most average sports team. The school only has two NCAA division teams in Basketball an Football. However average they may be, their supportismighty strong. Calling themselves “The Herd”, these maniacs are the most loyal fans in their university.

Mascot: Marco the Buffalo is the official mascot of Marshall University. Marco derives from the name Marshall College, beforeit changed into a university in 1961.

Party Grade: B-

Undergrads: 10,020

Guys: 43%

Girls: 57%

Makes Marshal University one of the top schools to meet the perfect lady.

Greek Life: According to Marshall’s newspaper, The Pantheon, there are numerous greek organization that help the community.

Top 5 Fraternities:
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Tau Gamma
Delta Chi
Alpha Sigma Phi
Pi Alpha Phi

Top 5 Sororities:
Alpha Xi Delta
Delta Zeta
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Alpha Chi Omega

Bars/Hangouts at Marshall: If you are hungry, you cannot getany closer than Husson’s Pizza. This is the place to go when you are done with classes, or when you have to get a taste of their tasty Cinnamon Bites.

Eager Beaver is a great bar with $.25 per pitcher on Wednesdays.

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