MayFest 2.0 | Dare to Do It Again

Euclid Avenue

Yesterday was Syracuse University’s annual MayFest.(Wasn’t it started by students?) Except, the weather felt a lot more like February. So, how about a do over? Today is definitely warmer out, and it seems like the right weather for a college party…well at least in comparison to yesterday. So why not MayFest 2.0, everyone should come back out, BBQ, and PARTY. Remember this MAYFEST 2007? Actually most you dont but you wish you did! Why not make your own memories, or bring back the REAL tradition! Students keep complaining about MayFest not being the same, sowhynot show everyone what you mean? Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Comment on this post and let everyone know if you are down with Mayfest 2.0. We can start it up right now if there is enough support!!!