Meet The Sheriff That Deputized A Prostitute to Save Money

If you’ve watched television during the last month, you’ve seen commercials for a new movie called Let’s Be Cops. Well, one small town sheriff decided that his regular prostitute should get in on the fun! Now former Clark County sheriff, Danny Rodden allegedly gave his regular prostitute an authentic badge and sheriff’s department uniform. My first guess, he was engaging in an intense game of sexy cop & unruly inmate. Nope, Rodden gave his trusty(?) prostitute the police gear so that she could receive the law enforcement discount when she paid for their hotel rooms.

Don’t worry, he still paid her $300 for, you know, the actual sex. Can’t say that he wasn’t thoughtful. Former Sherrif Rodden was busted when the FBI managed to convince an informant to give them information on the naughty sheriff, because that’s kind of what the FBI does. He’s facing seven counts of making a false statement to the FBI for lying when he was interviewed about the prostitution, and wire fraud, charges. He’s also facing one count of counseling the destruction of evidence in a federal investigation because he  told the prostitute to destroy the badge and uniform when he thought they’d been caught.

[via WHAS11]