Meet the Skyrunner, A Flying ATV Because Traffic is for Losers

You walk outside on your birthday, and you see that someone bought you this vehicle. What do you do? Nothing, because your head has already exploded from fucking awesome OVERLOAD!

A British company, Parajet International, spent two and a half years developing the Skyrunner, a half ATV, half light-sport aircraft chimera of cool. You can drive on ANY TERRAIN with it (0-60 in 4 seconds), or just fly it which seems like something I could get into.

I could spout off more of the specs, but I don’t feel like doing that. So, you can just watch the video, it’s only two minutes of your day.

No word on when it’s going on sale.

“Wow, this might be hard to drive with such a huge, throbbing erection.” – Archer


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