Hangover Cures That Will Save Your Day: Electrolyte Pills

When it comes to a dependable hangover cure I cannot understand why Electrolyte Pills have not gained popularity in Partyville, USA. Meant as a dehydration supplement, for people exposed to high temperatures and possible heat stroke, these babies have been my savior after one too many Jameson Gingers!

Let’s face it- going out drinking is like you’re saying to yourself [for many of us this happens on a consistent basis], “Here’s a poisonous substance that I’m completely aware will make me feel like I crawled out of a whale’s barnacle lined ass tomorrow…but screw it! (Some might say YOLO) The night is young!” Soon, the night is not so young anymore and after a couple more Kamikazes [which by the way are NEVER a good idea after 2AM], the morning comes raining on your drunken parade with the dreaded hangover. And oh what a hangover it is. Luckily, there is a way to alleviate this post-alcohol hell you put yourself through.

Essentially, these pills are high concentrations of electrolytes that, when taken with a glass of water, replenish all of the necessary vitamins you’ve lost when the bartender, or your best friend, decides to feed you liquor straight from the bottle. In this situation you will, most certainly, need a hangover cure. I recommend taking two pills with water before drinking, another two at the end of the night, and some more when you wake up in the morning. You won’t believe how much better you feel. Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte Capsules (sold for about $20/bottle on Amazon) are some of my absolute favorites. If the word “pills” scares you have no fear. These pills are the same as drinking any type of sports drink or downing an Emergen-C but better because you can easily transport them and pop them in your system when needed. Get yours today! I promise you’ll be shaking off that nasty hangover in no time…although I can’t guarantee the random person in your bed or the Facebook photos of you dancing on the bar will be as easy to shake.