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miami (OH)

Miami University

Oxford, OH

Students at Miami (OH) love them some parties, people go out on the weekends and the weeknights. Part of the experience at this college,is enjoying the small portion of your life when you can go YOLO. If you are anti-social and don’t like people having a good time, Miami probably is not the right place for you, and you should consider a move. The Greek system is another factor, to take into account, when you consider Miami (OH) nightlife. The portion of campus that are in organizations, stick to their societies and have few friends outside of the group. The sports at Miami (OH) are “middle of the pack”.

Mascot: Swoop the Redhawk

Party Grade: B

Undergrads: 14,872

Guys: 49%

Girls: 51%

Miami (OH) Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present on campus; they have a large following.

Bars/Hangouts at Miami (OH):

Circle Towne Tavern


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