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Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI

Michigan State has a really good party scene, largely because the greeks have houses located on campus. House parties are a major option, and usually adependableone,for most of the underage students. Although, there are some 18+ bars in the area. The students at Michigan State don’t mind studying in between enjoying the various nightlife activities available to them in East Lansing. Cedar Fest was a celebration which started in the 70s. It was originally a, peaceful, semi-annual party that occurred during the months of May and October.
It was formerly held in CedarVillage,a densely populated student neighborhood which borders Michigan State University’s campus. The event became really popular during the 1980s and was regularly attended by thousands. Several riots ensued from the parties and property owners along with the city decided to put an end to the event. Recently, a revival of Cedar Fest occurred in 2008, but was curtailed after having the highest number of arrests in the history of the event. The following year, 2009, an “Unofficial Cedar Fest” revival occurred again. This time it was coupled with
a Men’s Basketball victory and then subsequent loss in the NCAA March Madness Tournament. 2009’s event topped the record for arrests at the event that was set the previous year. Under coach Tom Izzo, the Spartan’s basketball team is in an era of prosperity to say the least. Although the last Michigan State basketball national champion was last crowned in 2000, MSU has made the NCAA tournament 16 straight times. The football team is also performing pretty well and were ranked among the top 25 teams last year. Anyone, who went to a school with a good sports team knows that good teams mean TAILGATING!

Mascot: Spartans

Party Grade: B+

Undergrads: 48,906

Guys: 49%

Girls: 51%

Michigan State University Greek Life: Yes, more than 55 Greek organizations. The majority of the campus (over 85%) aren’t Greek however, but there are frat houses on campus residential areas.

Main Bars/Hangouts at Michigan State University:


The Riv

The Peanut Barrel

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