Mini Bottles: A Small Purchase With A Rad Purpose | Cheap Alcohol

Just the other day I walked into a convenience store to buy an Arizona iced tea. Because i’m living in California this summer, the small shop that would, in my hometown in NY normally have only beer andMike’sHards, was stoked with hard alcohol and wine options in addition to it’s “one stop shop” necessities. When I was checking out something came over me suddenly and before I knew what I was saying the clerk handed me my requested two tiny, mini, almost adorable bottles of Absolute.

I truly don’t recall what possessed me to impulsively, 23 minutes before a hostessing shift, purchaseprobably3 shots worth of unflavored vodka. Was it because the minis were staked purposefully right next to the check out counter, reflecting sunshine in a way that seemed to scream “you know you want me, look I’m a tiny, harmless, petite alcoholic addition to your average Arizona gulp”? Or because people genuinely just love mini things? (Side-note, that’s actually true which I will never understand because why excited about purchasing less of something, even if it’s packaging is minute and awe-worthy?)Whatever the reasoning for buying my first “cute” Citron, I have to say it is now an occurance that happens more and more often.Mini bottles rock because, like a flask, you can bring em pretty much anywhere. Work, the movies, the beach, school… Not that i’m advocating any of those rule-breaking shot-taking events, but if you’re gonna drink you’re gonna drink anyway, so.

Also, a cool characteristic of miniature alcohol bottles is that they allow you to provide a choice of alcohol that pleases all.Example: the other day I rolled up to the convenience store, got a few mini bottles of vodkas for myself, a tiny Jack Daniels, and a mini bottle of Jose Cuervo for a friend… Options are really prime when you provide alcohol and now you don’t have to drop a pretty penny to please picky partiers.
Also, they work for when you don’t need, or want to bring, a whole bottle to a party just for yourself, because, you just lose it/ it’s stolen. Snag 3 or 4 of these babies and don’t even worry about the missing handle, or the guessing game of whose responsible for sipping down past the halfway point!

Just be careful, these suckers may only be a shot each, but that doesn’t mean mixing them is the best idea. Of course my dumbass learned the hard way after having a “mini bottle party”, where I made small baskets of them for each partygoer. Let’s just say that even at a small fee of $3-7 dollars each, a hardly miniature hangover could be in store if ya lose track of minis consumed.


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