Halloween Comes Early, MIT Students Create “Heisenberg” Tribute #BreakingBad

Halloween Comes Early, MIT Students Change Alchemist Statue Into Breaking Bad Tribute

Following the series finale of Breaking Bad a few students at MIT, where elaborate pranks orchestrated by students aren’t uncommon, decided to turn the Alchemist statue into a tribute to Walter “Heisenberg” White, the main protagonist of the show. The statue, which is located right across the street from the school’s main campus building on Massachusetts Avenue, was outfitted in Heisenberg’s signature hat and sunglasses. Paying attention to details, in the way you would expect from MIT students, the Heisenberg tribute also worked in the goatee that Walter White has become known for; completing the transformation into Chemist / Bad-ass! In an effort to keep things simple, the design included two beakers on either side of the Heisenberg statue, with the, “Br” and “Ba”, logo made famous by the show. The series concluded in front of more than 10.3 million viewers. The number of viewers broke all other records Breaking Bad had originally set.

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