Moonrise Festival : “An Intense and Satisfying Experience ” | Festival Review

Moonrise Festival

The Moonrise festival held in Baltimore is an event that not many mainstream festival followers have heard of . However, the festival definitely provides a positive vibe that many event fans will love.  The festival is not often talked about in conversations with the Tomorrow World and Coachellas, but from what  the Fiesta Frog team experienced, this festival can be considered to be a “diamond in the rough”. Simply said, the August 9 – 10 weekend was filled with intense animated electronic performances that lit up the Baltimore sky.

When arriving at the festival grounds, the Fiesta Frog team witnessed the intense eagerness that was expressed by quick stepping festival heads walking towards the event’s entrance.  The many individuals dressed up in “festival gear” were obviously very  ready to experience what the great acts such as ASAP Ferg, Rusko,  Kaskade, Wacka Flocka, Carnage,  Adventure Club and Bassnectar had to offer.  The festival grounds had 4  stages- Solar Dance, Lunar, Celestial Garden and Stellar – that never seemed to disappoint anyone that came for a positive electronic music experience .  The main stage was filled with great acts,  great sound and a positive atmosphere that definitely had the fans begging for more. The stages were not massive Tomorrow Land-esque constructions but big enough to meet the expectations of  any festival fan seeking the intense and satisfying festival experience over everything else.

Moonrise Festival Map

The Fiesta Frog team praised Bassnectar to being the most intense and energizing performance of the Moonrise Festival. Bassnectar’s set totally took control of the festival and flooded the ear drums of the crowd. Bassnecar stayed consistent with what was expected and did not disappoint one bit!

The Adventure Club’s set was affected by the issue of  low volume and equipment failure. However, when Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella made a short appearance, the crowd went wild and promptly forgot about any of the experience dampening issues.  Wacka Flocka showered his fans with champagne and provided just the right intensity in the Solar Dance tent. Wacka’s intense dread rocking performance was without a doubt a highlight despite his very short 30 minute set.  DJ Carnage had the best visuals of any set. The experience was what the Fiesta Frog festival team described as a “trippy mix of trap sounds, smoke, confetti and crazy visuals”.

Water stations and bathrooms were easily accessible creating a safe atmosphere.  Misting tents were an extra precaution placed on the grounds to prevent the attendees from getting overheated. This was a great addition that proves that the management wanted to create a positive safe experience for everyone.    The bars that scattered around the grounds properly made sure that individuals were not underage with age verification wrist bands.

There were no major incidents at the Moonrise festival and safety was obviously a priority.  Additionally, the food was amazing and satisfying! Giant turkey drumsticks were all the rage in the vicinity where food was being served.


Moonrise is definitely a festival any EDM or festival fan should attend who is interested in great performances, safety and an intense musical experience.  The Moonrise experience is definitely an experience you should have….”Put your M*therf**kin hands up” ….